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Born in Marseille, I was lulled by its tales and the song of the cicadas. I used to enjoyed listening to my grandfather's stories about the hustle and bustle of the Old Port, the ships from the end of the world, the Chinese women with bandaged feet, Buffalo Bill...

I saw myself as an explorer far beyond the Frioul archipelago!

Life's opportunities allowed me to travel and live around the world where I loved guiding family and friends and I started designing urban tours and road trips.

Back home, I found Marseille more beautiful than ever and the desire to make people discover it became obvious.

Once graduated as a tour guide, I embarked on the Mars' à Pattes adventure with Sébastien.

Today, I am waiting for you to share this multi-faceted and so endearing city.




Marseille opened its heart to me when I was 14. I remember telling myself that I would move there when I grew up!

The desire to make people discover Marseille has never left me. Even while living abroad, I have always enjoyed offering discovery walks of my adopted cities.

In 2018, with my tour guide diploma in my pocket, I naturally turned to entrepreneurship by founding Mars' à Pattes in collaboration with Valérie.

Today, sneakers well tied to the feet always ready to take off, I propose to unveil the charms of Marseille through unusual, emblematic and sometimes even secret places.


You will leave with a heart full of good memories and, for sure, the firm intention to return soon!

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