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The Panier, where it all began

(Duration of the tour 2h)


You will be taken on a journey through time and a warm atmosphere... unique in Marseille.

The Panier district is the historic heart of the city. It is on a hill overlooking the long Lacydon cove

where its founders settled in 600 BC.


And if we say here that we "go up to the Panier", it is because the alleys of the district climb from the port or

go down steep slopes.


A true open-air museum, street-art works are displayed alongside remarkable historical buildings.

The colourful façades, stairs and shaded squares are all clues to the identity of this district, which is full of

designer workshops and boutiques, flea markets, bistros... We claim here the Made in Marseille.


Soak up the unique atmosphere of this Provençal village and its Neapolitan air.


You will forget that you are in the heart of the 2nd largest city in France!

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