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La Couronne-Carro,

Côte Bleue

(Duration of the tour 2h30)


Welcome to the Côte Bleue, this part of Provence that begins at the gates of Marseille and ends at Carro, a point at the end of the world. It owes its name to the colour of the sea, which ranges from turquoise blue to deep blue.


From the village of La Couronne, you will see some of the pearls of the Côte Bleue, these sandy beaches bordered by clear water and pine forests that shelter the cicadas.

In addition to the postcard, these 2 picturesque villages have a common history that dates back to the construction of Massalia, in 600 BC.

The homeric exploits of Carro's fishermen are in addition to those of his sea rescuers who became legendary

on a stormy night in 1901.


This stroll will allow you to spot your favourite beach or rock spot, to experience the atmosphere of two Provencal villages,

La Couronne and Carro, two jewels of the Côte Bleue.


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