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Sweet Tour

Sweet delights

(Duration of the tour 3h)

Embark on a sweet original tour that combines food tasting and a visit to Marseille's heritage

in the picturesque Panier neighbourhood and around the famous Old Port.

A whole festival of gourmet, sweet, tangy, local and oriental delicacies to boost your morale

and surely make you melt with pleasure !

Delicious chocolates with subtle notes of olive oil, pretty sardine-shaped shortbread,

sweets of yesteryear that awaken your best childhood memories, pastries of a thousand and one nights,

refreshing ice cream with the scents of Provence.


An assured revelation!

Our sweet tour also allows you to meet artisans and merchants who will share with you

their passion for their products and their city.

The mentioned products may vary slightly depending on the season and the shops' business hours.
This gourmet tour requires a minimum of 2 participants.
The price includes food and drinks.

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